Method Of Application

Only candidates with national diploma (ND), technician’s diploma, higher national diploma (HND), technologist diploma (TD), bachelor degree (BSc. BA), postgraduate diploma (PGD), professional masters (PM), master of science (MSc), master of art (MA) or other higher degrees in science, social science, humanities, engineering, and health disciplines are eligible for consideration for admission.

Application Steps and Process:

Applicants are to:

1. Apply Online English Version Here / French Version Here or Download the admission form (see below))

English version

Version en Francais

2. Fill the form

3. Send all the required documents to the email address:

Required Documents

Applicants are expected to attach and send by email scanned copies of the following credentials:

(a) The completed form
(b) Evidence of payment of the application fee
(c) A certified copy of certificates and transcripts of all results (s) (e.g. First Degree, Masters, HND)
(d) NYSC certificate (if you are a Nigerian)
(e) O/A Level results – WAEC/GCE/NECO or its equivalents
(f) Any other relevant documents to support your Application

NOTE: Please prepare all scanned copies of these documents as a single WORD or PDF file. Official transcripts of degrees should be forwarded by the awarding institution to AFRIGIST and addressed to the:
Dean of Academics & Research
Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys (RECTAS)
Off-Road 1, Obafemi Awolowo University Campus,
P. M. B. 5545, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.
Please note that the admission will not be processed without the transcript inquiries:
The Dean of Academics & Research
Off-Road 1, Obafemi Awolowo University Campus,
P. M. B. 5545, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.
Phone: +2348076145344


AFRIGIST provides international standard education, training, and research with state-of-art digital facilities and laboratories and hands-on practical training in a serene and comfortable classroom and students’ accommodation that is highly conducive for learning and research. In order to be eligible for the AFRIGIST fellowship, a prospective candidate is encouraged to obtain a nomination from his/her country’s Respective member in RECTAS Governing Council (Benin, Burkina, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal). The fellowship covers tuition accommodation, feeding stipend, and other allowances. Candidates can also seek support, scholarships, and fellowships from national and international organizations such as State Governments and Departments, Ministries and agencies, Educational Trust Fund (ETF), Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF), Shell or other oil companies, UNDP, DFID, IFRA, UNESCO, Ford Foundation, etc.

• Students not on fellowship or scholarship will pay tuition, health, book, and other fees; and arrange their private accommodation and feeding.

Payment methods

Application fee = $100 or N 46,000 ou 60.000 FCA for TD, PGD, PM and MSc/MGIT; $120 or N 55,200.00 for PhD
Make payment to any branch of the following banks:

  • ECOBANK NIGERIA PLC, New Court Branch, IBADAN (USD Account name: AFRIGIST; Account No: 02 52031864)
  • ECOBANK BENIN, (Compte en CFA: AFRIGIST; Numéro de compte: 0010141100833701)
  • STANBIC IBTC BANK, Lagere Branch, ILE – IFE (Compte en NAIRA: AFRIGIST; Numéro de compte: 9201463015)